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Assessments Online - Please read carefully

If you are an adult seeking an assessment, to take you to facts and questions for Adult Assessments click here , or, for more information as to how we work click here.

As a parent seeking to understand the assessment process, you too may like to first read about facts and questions many other parents have asked about, if so click here, or, for more information about how we work click here.

By completing ALL the following questions that follow, you will gain access to the scoring.  You will be able to ascertain if your child may have learning difficulties which could be addressed by an Educational/Psychological or Socio/Emotional Assessment. Should you wish to have an assessment and report by Learning Insights then this will provide a full diagnosis and recommendation for your child's future educational and development needs. Following completion and scoring, if you want to proceed to the next step of discussing your child's needs, you should submit the completed questionnaire with payment as shown on the last page. If you would like to discuss this process in greater detail (including costs) then please contact Learning Insights on 0117 968 2870  or email us at learninginsights.co@gmail.com or info@learninginsights.co.uk

  1. You need to answer all the questions online and score as instructed at the end of the questionnaire. You will need a quiet fifteen minutes to do this! The questions are simple, direct and straightforward and some you may not understand the relevance of, but they are there for a reason, so your patience is requested to answer them all.
  2. Having completed the questionnaire this will give you access to the scoring. You cannot access the scoring unless you have answered each question. Don't agonise about any particular answer, simply go through and as best as you can rating each question as to how you most commonly see your child.
  3. At this stage the scoring will indicate if you could benefit from discussing your child's needs with a psychologist as it will have highlighted the possibility that an assessment may be of value.
  4. There is now an option for submitting your responses and purchasing a telephone consultation.
  5. If you find a telephone consultation is not indicated as one of the outcomes of your completing the questionnaire, you may simply continue to browse our site and your questionnaire details will NOT be saved.
  6. Should you wish to consider a telephone consultation you need to hit the 'SUBMIT' button.  This will send your online questionnaire direct to us at Learning Insights. To activate a telephone conversation, you need to submit a fee of £75.00, which you can send directly to Learning Insights, 1A Cheyne Raod, Bristol BS9 2DH and once this is cleared you will receive a call.  (You can pay by BACS but you will need to call 0117 9682870 to be given the necessary bank details).  On the questionnaire you can specify when you would like to be contacted though ideally this will be between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Recognising that people have busy lives and often need to talk when children are not around, we will always accommodate to meet your needs. 
  7. On receipt of your remittance Learning Insights will contact you by telephone to discuss with you the findings and any questions and concerns you may have. Our task is to try and secure an appropriate way forward for you to meet your child's needs - this may include directing you towards contacting other professionals such as; specialist medical consultants, G.P., physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, clinical/forensic psychologists, parental support groups or others if in fact we feel at the present your needs are not best met by a psychologist.
  8. Should you wish to have an assessment and report by Learning Insights then the fee of £75.00 will be refundable against your child's assessment.
  9. Finally, you may, having completed the questionnaire find you do not have a child that needs an assessment as indicated by your answers on the questionnaire, yet you remain a concerned or even worried parent. Should this be the case you may follow the same procedure as specified at 6 above, and we will explore your concerns fully with you in a telephone consultation. If on going though the questionnaire, you do not feel it is allowing you to convey what you know of your child, or what you feel is important, then CONTACT US.

Proceed to the questionnaire


On this page are the instructions for how to complete the questionnaire and submit it. It is designed to let you see the range of behaviours and features of your child's life that are important if an holistic assessment of their needs is to be completed.

Dr. Sharon Lloyd
Your child's Psychological Assessment will be carried out for you by Dr. Sharon Lloyd, a registered member of the Health and Caring Professions Council and a professionally qualified, independent chartered consulting psychologist.

You can download' a C.V. for Dr Lloyd by clicking here.